Re-Imagining Engagements into outcomes

 Jio World convention center

  22 July, 2022

  6.00 pm Onwards

The Financial Services landscape continues to redefine itself. Leaders today prefer outcomes over outputs. New experiences drive engagement, influencing business outcomes. It is these outcomes that finally pave the road to new enrollments.


Ensuring a faster turnaround time with a secure, trustworthy & highly experiential journey is critical in the contemporary world.


Banking Frontiers will bring together industry leaders from top Indian Banks to discuss how Banks can re-think and accelerate the entire customer journey, from acquisition to enrolment. We will discuss solutions to bridge gaps in existing relationship processes and tweaks that reduce lead leakages, enhance conversion, enable better partnerships, and create a hybrid world of enrolments.


We will be hosting leaders from different segments of Lending, Retail, Customer Experience, Operations, SME, Credit, and Digital Transformation for this enlightening discussion. We are glad to have LeadSquared as our leadership partner during this conversation.

We look forward to seeing you at this session aimed at empowering you to transform engagements into outcomes.


Please reach out to the following Managers to have an elaborate discussion on the program.

Sushant Tulapurkar: +91–77383 59665 | [email protected]

Ramesh Vishwakarma: +91–90044 46026 | [email protected]

Deepika Rathod: +91–79773 78066 | [email protected]

Ashish Verma: +91–98332 36943 | [email protected]

Stalin Saldhana: +91–91677 94513 | [email protected]


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