Holistic Mastery of Data Management

Date: Wednesday, August 4, 2021 | Time: 3.00 pm to 4.00 pm IST


About Webinar:

Do you know which is the most versatile chemical in the universe? Hint – It exists in multiple forms (solid, liquid & vapour), it dissolves things, it flows, it evaporates and condenses, it insulates heat and electricity, it transmits light, and much more. It is water, and all its properties is the reason life flourishes on Earth.

Likewise, do you know the most versatile item in the business universe? It can describe anything from the simplest to the most complex, it can be easily transmitted, duplicated, modified and deleted. It is so versatile that it works in every language. It is as old as DNA and is the DNA of every business. It is data, and all its properties is the reason businesses are flourishing. Mastering water management is crucial….undoubtedly so is mastering data management.

What are the similarities in managing water and data? How can CIOs master data management such that all stake holders are fully assured? To explore this new thought frontier, Banking Frontiers is organizing a panel discussion among CIOs of leading BFSI organizations. Banking Frontiers will make a small presentation to and then kick-start the panel discussion. We are pleased to invite you and look forward to your involved participation.

Keynote Speakers:

Prasanna Ranade

Enterprise Sales Director, Commvault India and South Asia

Prasanna Ranade is the Enterprise Sales Director for India and South Asia and heads sales for the West and South regions in India as well as Sri Lanka for Commvault. Prasanna is a veteran in the IT space with 20+ years of rich experience across a variety of technologies spanning Edge to Core to Cloud. In his current role, he helps organizations and IT leaders on strategies and solutions to store, protect and manage data.

Shiv Kumar Bhasin

Group CTO & COO, NSE India

Shiv is Chief Operations and Technology Officer for Transforming National Stock Exchange as Fair, Equitable and Interaoperable Institution. Transforming businesses across the globe by redefining consumer experience, innovating products and digitizing channels.

Manoj Agrawal - Moderator

Group Editor at Banking Frontiers

Manoj has successfully conceptualised and produced around 300 events for banks, insurers and NBFCs on topics like risk, compliance, payment systems, core banking, e-security, online marketing, and analytics. He is an expert moderator of all kinds of events such as roundtables, panel discussions, unconferences, conferences and more.