Swap Burning Out For a Fire Within

About Webinar:

As organizations floor the accelerator in the digital transformation race, won’t they need more fine-grained maps to get advanced visibility about any potential speed bumps, potholes and bottlenecks on their digital highway.

In technical terms, whether it is Modernizing or migrating software assets to Cloud or developing a new software or Containerization & Microservices or deploying APIs, avoiding pitfalls clearly depends upon having the maximum meaningful data and using it to make a foolproof plan. Then there is obviously the issue of Technical Team’s Productivity, Collaboration, and expertise to navigate the terrain. Finally, there are governance issues which are becoming increasingly granular.

What can be the qualitative and quantitative improvements that come with the combination of data, knowledge, and governance – this is a topic worthy of an exchange of ideas among bright minds that are driving digital transformation. Banking Frontiers is organizing a virtual roundtable among CIOs in tech savvy BFSI organizations to discuss their favourite techniques and learn from one another for securing the journey of digital transformation. We look forward to your participation in this valuable exchange.

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