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What is AIFS?

AIFS is curated to discuss the imminent challenges in the BFSI sector and understand the key focus areas on digital customer experiences, minimising cybersecurity threats, enhancing the customer journeys and accelerating technology innovation and transformation for BFSI reforms. As technology like AI has transformed to newer levels we as a user need to cope up with the tech transformation & Analyse, adapt, introspect, overcome & innovate. Banking Frontiers welcomes you to this wonderful journey of experiences & learnings called AIFS.



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AIFS Trainer

About Trainer


Mr. Atul Tripathi was a Big Data and Artificial Intelligence consultant in the National Security Council Secretariat (Prime Minister’s Office, New Delhi, India) working in the field of application of Artificial Intelligence and Big Data for National Security. He has 18+ years of experience in Artificial Intelligence.


Atul’s areas of experience include application of AI, Data Science, NLP, Big Data for Banking and Financial Services, Insurance, Risk Management, Mathematical Finance, Fraud, Anti Money Laundering, National Security, Climate Risk, Sustainable Development Goals, Shipping, Telecom. He has worked extensively on the AI policy and Data Protection Policy for India.
Atul is a member of Leaders Excellence at Harvard Square and GARP (Global Association of Risk Professionals).

Atul has been teaching Analytics, Machine Learning, Anti Money Laundering, Risk Management, Artificial Intelligence and Policy implementation at various universities, institutions and industries. He is an author of the Machine Learning Cookbook (PACKT Publications). The book has been translated into Chinese. 

Atul is an advisor for setting up a data science centre at IISER, Mohali. He is an advisor to various Academic Councils to a number of universities.

 About Trainer

  • Analytics
  • Artificial
  • Intelligence
  • Big Data
  • Fraud Analytics & AML
  • Financial Risk Analytics
  • MLE
  • Advisor IISER Mohali
  • Ex-NSCS (Prime Minister’s Office)

Who should attend:

Technologies focusing on:

Key benefits of attending:

Analyze and build models applying the combination of knowledge of mathematics, statistics and computer science discipline and solve the problem. Identify the sources of information for data collection, design and conduct the experiments and interpret the result.

Think out-of-the-box and solve real-time problems using their
creativity in designing human-friendly software systems.
Comprehend data science & AI concepts of new developments and apply them to develop relevant software and hardware products.

Create, select, and apply appropriate techniques including prediction and modelling to complex engineering activities with an
understanding of the limitations.

Learn to leverage AI tools to create, select, and apply appropriate techniques like prediction and gain competitive advantages. Identify the sources of information for data collection, design and conduct the experiments and interpret the result to transform analytics to business intelligence innovation.

Real-life examples to explore how organizations are applying AI. Help BFSI leaders understand and implement projects to transform their organizations into AI-driven disruptors. Think out-of-the-box and curate implementation plans.

Understand the ethical issues related to AI. Learn how AI systems should protect data and maintain its quality and integrity to avoid unfair bias, legal scrutiny or face customer backlash.



Session 1 - Understanding AI

Understand AI terminology- machine learning, deep learning, neural networks and data science with a focus on digitizing customer experiences and in the same time minimize cybersecurity threats.

Session 2 - The Role of AI

Identify the sources of information for data collection, design and conduct the experiments and interpret the result to understand what AI actually does

Session 3 - AI Applications & Perks

Identify opportunities to apply AI to problems in BFSI

Q&A & interactions


Session 4 - Rebuilding processes with AI

C CLICK HERE TO KNOW MORE... How to build an AI strategy for the organization by studying the application of AI and ML, solve real-time problems

Session 5 - Enhancing AI

Create, select, and apply appropriate AI techniques- what AI can and cannot do.

Session 6 - Blending AI with Reality

Understand how to solve ethical issues related to AI

Q&A & interactions

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