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AXIA Capital Bank to offer services in Asia-Pacific

Dominica’s AXIA Capital Bank, a digital currency banking platform, is planning to bring its banking services to Asia-Pacific. The platform will be offered through AXIA Capital Bank Asia-Pacific, the bank division that specializes in emerging markets. This expansion will deliver the combined benefits of blockchain technology and digital banking to one of the fastest growing economic regions in the world. According to Wentian Liu, Chairman, AXIA Capital Bank Asia-Pacific, Asia-Pacific is one of the most active economic regions in the world, and there are millions of small and medium sized businesses engaging in cross-border transactions daily. With the RCEP (The Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership) free trade agreement sealed between 15 countries among Asia-Pacific nations in November 2020, efficient and convenient global banking services are urgently needed here, he added. Users who take advantage of AXIA’s banking services will enjoy special features that are only possible thanks to the implementation of blockchain and smart contracts. AXIA Capital Bank will also provide access to a ready-made ecosystem of over 17 applications that are underpinned by its native, asset-supported digital currency, AXC.

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