Ahmedabad DCCB strategizing for 15% growth

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Ahmedabad DCCB is not leveraging IT for its own functioning and also to empower credit societies by renting them computers at unbelievable rates
Ahmedabad DCCB had 177 branches, 11 extension counters and 51 ATM as on 31 March 2016. The bank has its own building in prime location situated just opposite the new office building of the Reserve Bank of India, Ahmedabad. It is a multi-storied building with multi-banking facilities. The head office and main branch of the bank function from this building. The bank has opened branches not only at taluka and business centers but also in the smallest centers in the rural areas with the intention of serving the farmer community, which was hitherto deprived of
banking facilities.
Mangilal Laxminarayan Bahediya, CEO of the bank, says: “As several extension counters have been transformed into full-fledged branches during the current year, there are 186 branches, 2 extension counters and 55 ATMs as on 27 February 2017. We have applied for additional 15 branch permission, which are to be opened in financial year 2017-18. We have 95 branches and 2 extension counters in rural area and 91 branches in urban area. 50+ branches of the bank are functioning from their own buildings. The bank also provides safe deposit locker facilities.”
The total customer base of Ahmedabad DCCB at present is 1,597,002, up from 1,530,043, as on 31 March 2016. Towards its social responsibility, the bank has added various insurance schemes to its account holders and farmers in addition to various tasks towards that purpose.

Deposits, Advances Up
The total deposits collected through the branches of the bank as of Q3, 2016-17 is `5252.89 crore, against `4703.10 crore in the beginning of the current FY. The total advances extended are `3457.89 crore at the end of December quarter, which was `2893.88 crore at the last FY end. The bank with a wide network has resulted in sizable increase in the deposits of the bank. It has also made special efforts for mobilization of deposits by cultivating habits of savings in the rural area.
The products in the basket for non-farming sector are loans for 2-wheelers, vehicles, consumer durables, housing, higher education, etc. The bank also offers H.P.C.C. loan, personal loan, traders over draft, gold loan, Suvarna Jayanti Shaheri Rojgar Yojna, self-help group and cash credit working capital/term loan.
Says Bahediya: “We are focusing on retail segment and credit growth in agriculture and allied activities is significant and we will continue this focus. We are always trying to help in the all-round progress of the farmers under its area of operation. The bank has implemented Vaidyanathan Committee recommendations. To enhance the business, we have been providing non-farm advances since 1999.”

Technology Plans
The bank is one of the few DCCBs in the state, which is fully computerized. It has implemented CBS. All the branches and ATMs are connected in the CBS network. The bank is fully enabled on core banking solutions across all branches. There are many advantages that have been envisaged by the bank as a result of implementing CBS as it provides all services to all the customers across branches and implementation of new IT initiatives is easy. Prior to implementation of CBS, T&M SYSTEM program was used by the bank.
Bahediya explains: “We are already on the any-branch transaction system. The bank is keen to upgrade the level of computer literacy among the staff members. We provide CBS and computer related training to all the bank staffers and our vendor was also helpful in providing program related services to branches. We have been conducting regular training of soft skills and work related programs at the head office and training is imparted by in-house seniors as well as other specialized faculty members from outside.”
Ahmedabad DCCB has not taken services of any consultant for CBS selection. The system was finalized by NABARD for all DCCBs and it is based on ASP model. Bahediya further says: “With a view to computerize the working of the member service cooperative credit societies, our bank has provided computers to all the member societies at a token rent of Rs1 per annum. This will facilitate the societies to keep their accounts accurate and up-to-date and to improve their customer services.

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