4000th Hitachi Money Spot ATM operational

Reported by: |Updated: November 20, 2020

Hitachi Payment Services said it has recently installed the 4000th Hitachi Money Spot ATM in India. The Hitachi Money Spot ATMs are White Label ATMs (WLAs) set up, owned and operated by the company. The company has successfully deployed over 590 WLAs in the last 7 months during the lockdown period despite the various constraints on people and material movement. Hitachi Money Spot ATMs are located pan-India in 26 States and 6 UTs, serving over 25 million customers annually across the country, 75% of which are in tier 3 towns and below. Rustom Irani, Managing Director & CRO of the company, said Hitachi Money Spot ATMs will empower the masses by facilitating easy access to cash and other basic banking services in semi-urban and rural locations. The objective of deploying WLAs align with the financial inclusion agenda of the government, which is to increase access to banking services in untapped and underserved areas, he added.