Welcome to the second edition of Technoviti Awards 2016. The much awaited financial services technology innovation awards by Banking Frontiers is back again.With  technology  and  innovation  being  the  key  drivers for business growth and sustenance, it is important to  recognize  the  achievers  who  have  made  a difference  to  Financial  Services,  powering them with their innovative technologies.The  CIOs  and  CXOs  need  to  have  a  clear view  of  the  innovative  solutions  available to them which will enable their business to take the leap to the next level of growth and profits. That is where Technoviti will help them to  differentiate  between  innovations  that  are proven or promising or stillborn.The Technoviti Awards 2016 will be the defining movement for technology innovators to be recognized, honored and brought to the attention of CIOs and CXOs who offer the industry the service to evaluate and judge the technology with their experience.Technoviti is a unique platform that helps the BFSI fraternity to  understand  the  technology  innovation  that  can  be  the game changers and at the same time give the innovators a platform to share their innovations with the technology buyers who make the difference!

Banking  Frontiers  is  pleased  to  present  “Technoviti  2016 –  Futurecrafting  Business  with  Technoruptions”  and an  opportunity  for  technology  companies  to  showcase their  innovations  that  are  relevant  to  the  BFSI  sector.  IT companies from around the world are invited to participate in  the  contest  and  earn  recognition  for  their  innovative products. They can win awards, get their products noticed by  decision  makers  in  the  BFSI  sector  and  interact  with them  to  provide  meaningful  information  about  the products.  The  applications  will  be  studied  and screened  by  a  jury  comprising  leading  CIOs, CTOs & CISOs and Business Heads from the BFSI world. Technoviti Conference will bring together CIOs and CTOs of the BFSI sector and the products and services providers.Technoviti  also  offers  a  strong  branding opportunity for the IT solutions providers who otherwise struggle to present their products to the  CIOs  even  if  these  products  are  significant innovations.

The  20  most  promising  innovations  will  be  honored  with awards  and  the  concerned  innovators  will  have  chance to  present  their  innovations  at  the  Technoviti  2016 Conference.  Besides,  details  of  the  leading  innovations will be included in the Technoviti Compendium that will be brought out on the occasion. Every innovator desires the best recognition and acceptance for his innovation and we believe Technoviti is a premium platform for this purpose. We  invite  you  to  share  details  of  your  innovation/s  and receive  the  required  mindshare  and  market  share  in  the BFSI sector.

We also intend to give our early birds a facility of putting their  innovation  in  our  website  in  the  Technoviti  corner depending upon the uniqueness of their innovation as per the editor’s discretion.

Venue : ITC Maratha, Andheri, Mumbai
Date : February 5, 2016