Syndicate Bank to have APTS

Reported by: |Updated: September 3, 2016

Syndicate Bank wants to deploy a solution capable of combating any advanced threats and persistent adversaries in realtime by taking proactive measures in security with an ability to respond immediately against any type of danger. The bank already has a well organized security setup at its data center and DR site and it has also set up a SOC to monitor security breaches. The bank has a total of 30000 endpoints including servers and network and security devices. For this the bank intends to procure Advanced Persistent Threat solution (2 each in active-standby mode at Mumbai and Bengaluru. having the capability of detecting and preventing cyber attacks.  The solution should be supporting prevent persistent threat in network as well as endpoints. The solution would be integrated with the bank’s SIEM for incident management and it should be made available across multiple threat vectors including web and file. The bank wants a service provider to undertake complete installation, commissioning and maintenance of the system.