PNB to have document protection system

Reported by: |Updated: September 3, 2016

Punjab National Bank is wanting to implement a document protection and information rights management solution. The bank exchanges information within and outside with entities/organizations and it wants to protect its data at all stages from unauthorized access by automating control over content access and content usage and by applying user rights and policies to secure, control and track content from viewing, printing, editing, etc while information gets exchanged internally and externally. The solution eliminates unauthorized usage of contents like Microsoft Office documents, PDF, emails and other files. While the bank is in the process of implementing a DLP solution, it also wants to have a Document Protection & Information Rights Management Solution. The solution may also be implemented if required at the bank’s subsidiaries and sponsored RRBs. The bank wants the solution to be capable of Rights Management and Data Classification for documents created in MS Word, MS Excel, Open Office, PDF, MS Exchange and MS Outlook client.