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Editors Blog

A left brained budget

Arun Jaitley's maiden budget is clearly a left brained budget. The left part of the brain is the one that works in a logical fashion by digesting a lot of information, applying known rules of knowledge, and producing decisions. In the short span of time, Jaitley’s brain had to digest a huge amount of information and knowledge.

Budget FY15 makes a good start

Dinesh Thakkar, chairman and managing director, Angel Broking, analyzes the buget and projects a very optimistic future for the markets:

SysArc introduces LendPerfect.

SysArc Infomatix Pvt. Ltd, a software development company announced the introduction of LendPerfect a new generation lending automation tool.                        

Complexities in Assessing a Loan Demand

Manish Jain, Industry Principal, Infosys Finacle, in an interaction with N. Mohan, editor, discusses the various aspects of technology in banking, including the role of social media:

‘Wave’ that’s going to be universal

Think of the great conveniences coming your way. You can buy a train ticket, pay a hotel bill, book a seat at a cinema or gain a passage through a toll booth not by swiping your credit or debit card, but by just waving it against a reader. For that matter, technology is also now available for a mobile phone to be held against a contactless payment terminal and wait for a confirmation of payment. The system is very much in vogue in the US and Europe with American Express, Discover, MasterCard and Visa all having launched contactless payment initiatives and leading banks issuing contactless credit and debit cards.