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Editors Blog

Sentiments racing ahead of Reality

All over the world, and more so in India, and even more so in Delhi, people are screaming for change and expressing it through the ballots. But in the real world, change does not happen so far. Though the prices of several commodities have dipped, inflation is refusing to sink like lead. Corruption has perhaps paused, but it is far from disappeared. Growth is inching up

A Positive Turn

The year 2014 was a year of contrasts. Samples of good news include Indian citizens voting en masse for an empowered government with a decisive leader at the helm, rationalization of global oil prices, rising of financial markets, etc.


In these times of Big Data and analytics, industries like hotel and retail are gaining capability to look at individual customers and distinguish whether they are their customers or not. For example, there are enterprises like the Hilton hotel chain, which can specifically make out whether a customer is a Hampton Inn customer or a Waldorf Astoria customer and target each on the basis of their likes and dislikes. This may not be a big deal

The slow journey of the mobile wallets

There is a perception in some parts of the developed world, especially in the United States, that mobile wallets have not taken off in the desired manner. For that matter, the system is more widely used in countries like Japan and South Korea. One of the reasons quoted for this ‘under utilization’ is the fact that there is lack of corresponding payment system in the stores when people would look to make use of their mobile wallets.

Preaching the mantra of technology

Somesh Chandra, Director - Customer Service, Operations, Technology and Chief Quality Officer (CQO) at Max Bupa preaches that it is technology first to serve customers better in a conversation with Banking Frontiers.