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Editors Blog

Differentiated Licenses

Having generated so much hype in the past several months, the RBI’s decision to grant new banking licenses to just two entities - IDFC and Bandhan - has been an anticlimax to say the least. It left 23 aspirants in the field disheartened especially when the RBI system does not offer to tell them what went wrong in their cases. However, RBI governor Raghuram Rajan offered them some solace in the form of his pitch for differentiated bank licenses and on-tap approvals and his suggestion that these aspirants can apply for such licenses.

A Website Security checklist for eCommerce in 2014

Ecommerce decision makers will need to secure their websites against an array of sophisticated attacks such as SQL and DDoS. On the other hand, implementing too many rules can ruin the already established highly enjoyable end user experience and the site could lose out on legitimate shoppers.

ASP Model for Cyber Crime

Cyber criminals are getting to be far more ingenious. In a dissertation at a recent security conference, experts described how these criminals are making use of wireless devices and mobile applications to extract card data and how malware is being planted at POS terminals to collect data before it gets encrypted. They cautioned that the next medium for these criminals could be the social media. But the fact is that even the most technology savvy enterprises in the world are not in battle gear to contain these criminals.

Changing role of analytics in banking, by Sudipta Sen, Regional Director, Vice Chairman and Member of Board, SAS Institute.

Decisions are an integral part of any business. In banking, they play an important role too. Right from risk management and regulatory compliance to customer programs and cross-sell strategy; decisions play a crucial role in all walks.