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Editors Blog

From Analytics to Core Competencies

The most powerful invention in banking is analytics, particularly big data. It gives bankers precise data to help make the best possible offer to every individual customer….thereby maximizing the strength of the relationship. Analytics has been used profitably by online companies to reach out to customers based on their location, their surfing patterns, the time at which they shop, the days on which they shop, the products they buy, and much much more.

Greek Unraveling

sovereign default is not new. It is typically caused by factors such as excessive short term debt, currency devaluation, crash in exports and of course faulty economic policies. The seeds of the Greek crisis were sown when it joined the EU. The problem has been building up ever since.

Industry views

What's driving core banking modernization?

Peter Ku, Senior Director, Global Industry Marketing at Informatica outlines the need for banks to move from complex and legacy CBS to digital ones....


Location-based information is helpful in marketing and proofing customers against frauds. Banking Frontiers alongwith Ricoh, our knowledge partner organized an unconference.